Tuesday, 17 May 2011

3 weeks to go

Eastbourne has been kind to me. My cousins have let me stay for a ridiculous amount of time and for that I will always be in their debt. The Cobar have been the best employers I've ever had, and I've had a lot of employers. 3 months is a long time, and it's almost over. With 3 weeks left I have a bit of arranging to do.

I've changed my flights. I'm going to Australia on 1st August. I may still change my last flight but that now on 9th February, the very latest it could possibly be. If I get that one, it'll mean I've been away for exactly a year.

I went to the bank and opened an account over in Oz. I'm going to transfer money electronically instead of faffing on with travellers cheques. Ofcourse, I'll need to get Aussie cash sorted, but that can wait.

I bought a raincoat and walking boots, at last, both of which were bargains, thank god.

Over the 3 months I have accumulated "stuff", and so I'm going to send a box of the "stuff" home by post. I don;t want to carry it all around but it's a shame to throw it away. Mother, expect a rather large parcel.

Solberge still haven't paid me!!

I have a rough itinerary sorted out for the south island, but with about $2500, I can do just about anything. I leave on the 8th June and will be travelling until the 1st August. That's approximately 7 weeks, so I may do a bit of woofing a long the way as I only technically have enough money for 5 weeks.

So, that is my plan. 3 weeks to go, and I can't wait!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More injuries

Oh for the love of god!

My finger is getting better and doesn't hurt anymore, although it's starting to "lift" which causes me to think the end might fall off unexpectedly, and fall into someones dinner at the restaurant. My arms are in a general state of pain, after spraining my wrist and then waking up feeling like they were really heavy. I think I've got 'arm fatigue' from work. Then, Billy hurt is ankle. And now the worst of the whole lot, Sarah's broken her wrist. It's in a cast. This curse is getting closer. It's now in the house.

What else happened? Oh, a tornado in Auckland was rather large, ripping apart houses and trees and picking up cars, and even killed a man. Bin Laden has been killed, congrats Obama.

So this blog is about general sufferage. For those who I lived with at uni, you'll be the only people to know what I mean, but I've got "sausage throat" again. Joy.