Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More shizzle from the Eastbourne ghetto

So I'm still living with the Richardsons and working at the Cobar, but what's this? Change abrewing!? Indeed. I've just had an interview at this shoe shop called Overland on Cuba Street in Wellington, and I really hope I get it, cos I could still work at the Cobar part time which Hannah's fine about, and still live with Richardsons until I find somewhere cheap in the city.

So wish me luck, cos I'd really like this job.

In other news, I've got an audition on the 26th for this youth festival theatre thing so I really hope I get that cos wouldn't it be nice to meet young thespian types over here, make friends and not be such a bore? Yes, yes it would.

Solberge saga continued... So dad has got a reply from the old owners solicitors. They are sending me a form to my old house, which my mother dearest shall have to fill out and send back, and then, and only then, will I perhaps get my money. Such a frickin faff on but I suppose, for £400 and the principle, it's worth it.

Got work tonight, and hopefully this weekend, I should have heard back from Overland.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Days Bay continued...

Above: Billy boy

So I continue in Eastbourne with the Richardsons and working at the Cobar. Alas, summer diminishes, but at least I'm not getting burnt on a daily basis anymore.

Anna, another waitress at the Cobar invited me to go Ceroc dancing and we went last night. After much confusion with the buses, we met up in Welly, had a drink to loosen our muscles, and went Cerocing. It was really very fun, though I did get a blister with Sarah's shoes and some of the men were a bit creepy. I slept like a weary tramp last night and woke up a little sore all over, but I think I will go again.

So the Solbegre pay saga continues. As I left before the administrators came in, apprently my pay has to come from the old owner as I'm not one of his debtors. Yeah, good luck with that Burge. I won't be seeing that money methinks. But dad's rung the number the manager gave us, and we're awaiting a reply.

Got a double shift at work today, and I've also been paid. Life is rather good at the moment. I've avoided all natural disasters thus far.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Jobs and more drama

Well I have now got a job in Eastbourne at this lovely posh restaurant called Cobar. 10 mintue walk, right by the beach, $14/hr, pretty much perfect. They're a really nice bunch and it's really lovely sitting by the beach with a free glass of wine at the end of shift.

Solberge Hall still haven't paid me, after I've rung up and emailed them. I'm not struggling for money but £400 is £400.

The weather in Auckland yesterday was dreadful. Very windy and pouring with tropical rain. A bit of a disaster happened in Wellington. After this second earthquake here everyone was all edgy. The ferry going from Eastbourne to Wellington was still out even in the storm. It got half way across, the driver was going too fast and it crashed. The windscreen smashed and flooded the front with water. A little boy fell in and had to be rescued but the ferry itself got towed by the coastguard as it was sinking, with a whole load of people inside, one of whom had just come to stay with relatives after his house got destroyed in Christchurch. New Zealand's really not doing so well, ever since I came.

So that's the state of things. I'm pretty much perky as none of the disasters have touched me, yet. Eastbourne is beautiful, and I have 2 days off after tonight's shift!!

Cool beans!