Thursday, 16 December 2010

It's all in the preparation


I've never blogged before but going to the other side of the planet seems to be a good enough reason to start.
I'm Jess. I'm 21. I've graduated from uni and am now living at home. There, the basics. Now something interesting:
I'M GOING TO NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA!! Like many a young person on the brink of a 9-5 job, I thought I'd delay reality for awhile and go "travelling".

List of stuff I've prepared so far:
1. Got visas for NZ and OZ
2. Bought a RTW ticket
3. Got travel insurance
4. Booked witha company called Travelworks for NZ

The plan is to work to fund my trip hence the visas. The Travelworks programme is something I stumbled onto on a google research afternoon. I've never been abroad on my own before, and as I'll be completely on my tod and looking for work, I decided I needed help. Travelworks help you with the detailed stuff, like setting up bank accounts, mobile sims and tax file numbers and then when you are looking for work, they have a massive database of jobs. So for £413.something, I thought it was worth it.

I've been living at home and working two jobs to fund all this. By the time I go, FEBRUARY 10TH, it'll be 7 months living at home, so I cannot wait!!

8 weeks and counting.


  1. Hope you keep it going! I can never keep blogs going...

  2. Thanks love. I'm kinda worried about that too. But hopefully once I'm out there I'll have lots to blog about.