Tuesday, 18 January 2011

3 weeks!!

3 weeks till I fly and my biggest worry of them all is upon me: how to get my money over!! Obviously I'll take cash, but then I need to get roughly £800 over there into my NZ bank account. I think I'm just gonna do travellers cheques instead of faffing on and on about International Money Movers which Lloyds recommended. The only other option is literally getting the cash out of the hole in the wall when I'm out there incurring roughly a 5% charge which is £40.

Now I heard that I need to apply for an IRD once I'm out there and it takes 8-10 days to come through and I'm not allowed to work until then. I might ask my relatives if I can come stay with them to start with. But they're in Wellington and I don't know if I'll physically need to be in Auckland to sort this all out. ARGH!!

Anyway, very excited!! Not gonna panic about the money thing, but getting paid would be super right now. But I have to wait till Wednesday.

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