Friday, 15 July 2011

Fox Glacier, Lake Matheson and a bit more

After doing the tour of Franz Josef I decided to cancel my glacier walk on Fox; it was too much out of the rest of my money to spend on something I'd kind of already done. But I walked up to it anyway, then went on down to Lake Matheson then got a lift back to the hostel off some French guys. Sweet as.

In Fox I also bumped into Myf and Elliott again which was really lovely, getting pissed in front of the fire. Jamie also turned up and we had a lovely night pissing oursleves watching VHS episodes of Absolutely Fabulous (gin and tonic Eddie, gin and tonic!). Now I'm in Wanaka, after a really beautiful drive down and I'm probably going to do free stuff, which means walking. I bought a Pumpkin for less than $2 so I think I will be living off them for the next fortnight. My fundings are in a drastic state of affairs, and now I think I really should have hung onto the money I transferred into my Australian bank account as I won't be needing in there. C'est la vie. There is such a thing as being too organised.

And now, some photos.

Above: View of Mt Tasman and Mt Cook reflected in Lake Matheson.

Above: Bruce Bay, people write on the stones and leave them tacked by the beach.

Above: Wanaka

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