Saturday, 9 July 2011

Good bye Nelson

Crusaders v Sharks (with Christy, Vanessa and Romy)

View over the sea to Abel Tasman from Boat House Cafe

Me and Nadya.

I'm too hungover to write anything coherent so here's some random memories from my 3 weeks in Nelson.

Arguing over Jenga and red wine with Nathan about his BNP political views.
Hugging the lovely Christy everyday when she got back from the apple picking place.
Pizza with Vanessa and Romy.
Baby Luke and the fact that he never cried.
Anthony coming in carrying sugar and me shouting 'Hello Sugar Daddy!'
My supposed obsession with bacon.
Pascal stole my bacon.
My roommate Andy eating snickers very loudly.
The dogs Ukon and the other one.
2 hangovers.
Going to watch the rugby with Louisa.
Meeting Tess and Cat the medical students.
That Irish couple.
Going to the market with Caroline and bumping into Paul Johnston, my god that lamb kebab, and then the epic search for the hat, which we found for $5.
Pascal's habit of talking in his sleep.
Watching Grey's Anatomy on TVNZ.
German guy called Oliver and his snail biscuits.
Other German guy that made bread with mushrooms and pumpkin inside :/
Buying my bowling alley shirt, and my granny jumper.
The Asian Invasion.
When Anthony put the baby in the corner and I inevitably quoted Dirty Dancing.
Reading The Passage, and Sense and Sensibility.
When I found out Anthony had never heard of Jane Eyre. Still outraged.
My unfruitful quest to buy the book Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

Now then, Punakaiki.

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  1. ...there were two copies of Rebecca should've nicked one! Happy travels missy xxx