Thursday, 16 June 2011

3 Weeks in Nelson

I came to the conclusion that I had more time than money and so I asked Antony, the hostel owner, if he had any work going for free accomodation. And do you know, it turned out he needed another pair of hands around the place. So I'm living in this hostel for the next 3 weeks and limiting myself to $100 a week before going off round the south island again. After that, I'm going to Australia, Perth, the suburb of Manning to become an au pair, which means I'll probably be doing some cleaning, cooking, teaching, childcare, and probably a heavy heavy dose of growing up.

It just so happens, after a google of Perth theatre societies, that there is a rather close one called Harbour Theatre in Fremantle, a bus ride away from Manning, and they're putting on a production of JANE EYRE!!! and so I emailed them, and now I have an audition! What's it called when everything just fits together at the right time? Wish me luck.

A very helpful lady at the Inland Revenue helped me fill out my forms so apparently I've now filed for my tax back. Of course, they won't even look at the documents until I leave the country and then it will take a large amount of time to get processed. And then, there's always the slim chance of actually getting my money from Solberge, but let's not hold our breath. Then, and only then, will my overdraft come close to being paid off.

I'd like to thank David Butler for his councel over facebook. That is my personal online chat record: 2 hours, and we had a lovely catch up, and I promise to come to Edinburgh when I'm back. Butler and Burge Reunite!

Anyway, I did not feel the earthquake so please don't worry. Nelson is safe and leafy and lovely and my home for the next 3 weeks.

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