Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Above: Marlborough Sounds from the Interislander Ferry.

After a 3 hour Ferry ride I arrived in Picton last night. It felt very odd to be travelling again but you quickly get used to other people snoring and playing the guitar atrociously. It is significantly quiet compared to when I was travelling the north island. It's an odd time to be travelling, mid winter, but it's the only time I could have done it.

After dinner (pasta pest tuna concoction) I met an English guy travelling with a Japanese girl. Why is it when Brits get together they automatically start moaning about the establishment? It's cos we love a good moan. At one point he said 'I don't like the way England is at the moment so that's why I've come away'.

So I've managed to change my flights, but there was a charge, and I have to fly through Sydney anyway because there's no direct flights to Perth. It'll be cheaper than travelling from Sydney to Perth anyhow. So I have 7 weeks on the south island left. My word, how time flies. It'll soon come round, then before you know it I'll be back in the UK. I do miss it sometimes. I miss the tv. I even miss Holby City. But I'm not ready to go home yet.

I digress... Today I shall do the Snout Walk, so called because it follows a path along a promontory piece of the Marlborough Sound that look like a pig snout. Then I might do a tour of some sort tomorrow. Then Nelson.

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