Sunday, 5 June 2011

Goodbye Eastbourne

Above: my last night with the Cobar staff.

I'm sitting in the room that has been mine for the past 3 months, and which shall now, after a vigorous clean, be given back to my cousins so use at their disposal. I'm not sure whether to be happy, sad or somewhere between the two, because I've grown to love living here. The Richardsons are a wonderful family. They are my family, and I hope we'll all stay in touch, and perhaps even see each other again some day.

Last night after work, we went round to Hannah and Ryans for some drinks and spontaneous card games. Pearl made me a leaving present, a key chain/voodoo doll of Patrick the pot wash. It's the best leaving present I've ever had. It's even got a belly button. Even though I burnt Ryan's hand on the kitchen lights yesterday he still gave me a big hug and wished me well. Ben Matthews, the Cobar black man, came aswell and I was hard pressed not to give him a big goodbye kiss he's so adorable. This obsession must end. Who else, oh! Tom Jones and Aiden, and even Chelle popped round so say goodbye, and let me feel her brand new breasts. Regrettably, I wasn't allowed a squeeze as she's still recovering from the surgery. As I was leaving the party, a strange thought occured to me: I will never see these people again. Mad isn't it? But that, as they say, is life, and so I left this bunch of freaks forever.

I will still have my little Patrick with me. Finally I have something to pratice my voodoo on.

Tomorrow I set sail mid afternoon and shall be in Picton for tea. After that, I have no idea what I'm doing. I have a vague plan involving an anti-clockwise route of the south island and perhaps some wwoofing along the way. Let's see shall we.

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