Friday, 10 June 2011


Nelson, though unluckily rainy for me as it is the sunshine capital of NZ, is a lovely city. It also has the "centre of NZ" which I went to and overlooked the whole city. Beautiful, if rainy.

Today I went to the Wondrous World of Wearable Art, which rather randomly also has a large collection of classic cars including the Only Fools and Horses 3 wheeler, Austin Powers' Union Jack car and the car from the Back to the Future movies (I sat in that one). The rest of it comprised of this uncanny fasion show of dolls wearing frankly weird stuff. One of the dresses was the shape of a pregnant woman, other were made of metal coils wrapped around the wearer. I saw one bikini type top made of bath taps. Another dress was of giant sized upsidedown roses. Some were made of wood, other plastic and there was section of clothes made out of glow-in-the-dark material. It was all very theatrical and clever and I wish I could have seen one of the shows that they put on. Probably wasn't worth the $22 and the long walk but it's so rainy here now there's not much else to do.

Tomorrow I'm going to Marahau and from there I shall figure out how to do the Abel Tasman and if there is a way of getting to Golden Bay in a day.

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