Thursday, 14 July 2011

Punakaiki, Hokitika and Franz Josef

After leaving Nelson, I went to Punakaiki and saw the Pancake Rocks. The only way to describe the sea would be roaring. Constant roaring. About a mile out the sea was so choppy the surface was covered in foam that washed onto the beach and stuck there like white jelly. I also did the Truman Track which leads to an outlook and then a little beach.I got down there and saw a little seal on its own so I took photos but got too close to it because I scared it and it attacked and I ran away. That night I went to the tavern and ended up getting some drinks off this aussie chap and chatting to him most the night.

Next day I got the bus to Hokitika, a rather boring little town with not much to boast about. Whilst there I experienced a huge lightening storm that shook the whole hostel, lots of hail and rain. I also met a lovely aussie couple, Myf and Elliott. More on them later.

After 2 nights in Hokitika I went to Franz Josef and bumped into Paul (med students friend from Nelson) and met another Bristol lad, this one was nice though, Jamie. The second day I went on a guided tour of Franz Josef Glacier with Myf and Elliott, and though we had rain, fog, hail, lightening, thunder and avalanche, it was an awesome day. After we got dinner and dried off I met Myf and Elliott for a drink, and bless them, on the walk my gloves got wrecked, they had bought me a pair of lovely woolen gloves. So sweet. They left for Fox that night and I just hung around with Jamie watching crappy TV.

Next day I went for a walk around Franz Josef with Ivy from my room, then got the bus to Fox. The bus driver showed me a camera that had been lost by the owner and said 'Do you know Myf and Elliott, cos this is their camera?' so I took it off his hands, and gave it back to them when I saw them in Fox, which is where I sit now, in Ivory Towers.

Due to slight funding issues, I have cancelled my Fox Glacier walk, opting to spend my money on other things, such as Milford Sound. I have 2 nights here in Fox, then I'm onto Wanaka, which I hope is as gorgeous as everyone says.

It's funny how you keep bumping into folks, and I didn't think I'd see Myf and Elliott again, but I'm glad I did. I think Jamie's coming down to Fox tomorrow, so I should see him around.

Above: Anthony, aka sugar daddy.

Above: Pancake Rocks, Punakaiki

Above: Seal of Doom

Above: Erm... so that's a faultline.

Above: Me in front of Franz Josef Glacier

Above: Franz Josef

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  1. You have to go to lake Matheson from Fox, especially if its a clear day. Awesome photo of the Alps behind Franz Josef. M