Saturday, 3 December 2011


I know, I know, I haven't blogged in 4 months, and that's because I've been rather busy taking care of 3 little girls in Perth. Being a nanny is rather hard work, but I love these kids, and today, I'm leaving them.

Above, Tiana, Kayli and Lara, my little monkeys. I will miss you!

Yesterday was a great last day in Perth. Me and the family went for a lovely meal by the beach, and they presented me with some fantastic leaving gifts, including a travel bag, mosi net, mosi repellent and an iPod shuffle!! Spent most of last night getting music onto it. How generous is that!? And then we went onto the beach and swam in the Indian Ocean and it was gorgeous, 36 degrees roughly, and I do believe I caught the sun.

So after 4 months nannying and working in Mt Henry Tavern, I have feretted enough money away for a rather amazing trip. First thing, I'm taking the Indian Pacific train to Adelaide, so I'll be seeing a lot of countryside and sand and not much else. And I won't die of boredom now I have an ipod, a book, a deck of cards and hopefully nice people keeping me company.

Anways, I'm OFF! Tata for now.

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