Saturday, 10 December 2011

Indian Pacific, Adelaide, Coober Pedy

On the Indian Pacific, about a 40 hour journey, I was sat next to Martin, a nice German, and we ended up staying in the same hostel and bumming round Adelaide with Yvetta who we met in our room. Crossing the Nullabor Plain was rather epic and showed just how massive Australia is. Adelaide is really nice. One day we got free bikes and cycled to the beach and back,was about 25k so we got a good bit of exercise. I said goodbye to Yvetta and Martin, not knowing if I would see them ever again but hoping I would.

Then I got the overnight bus up to Coober Pedy, arriving at 4 in the morning, at 22degrees. I was the only one staying in the underground dorm room with no door, but was too tired to be creeped out. In the morning I went to make breakfast but found my bag infested with ants, so I had to wash everything and buy a new cool bag cos they got in the lining, the buggers. Had a wander around and saw the spaceship left behind by the film crew for "Pitch Black", and talked to a nice Greek guy on his porch for a bit and ended up having a beer with him later on down the pub, as there wasn't much left to do except talk to the locals, and miners who all seemed very Australian. Then on getting on my second bus up to Alice Springs, who should I find but Yvetta! She'd made a decision and followed me up to Alice. So here we are. Got my tour the day after tomorrow round Uluru and Kinfs Canyon. It's so hot here, I keep having to drink water. Still not feeling 100%, this virus is taking awhile to go away. Not sure what I'm gonna do in Alice, might go on a star gazing tour tomorrow night, and try and get used to the heat.

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