Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Ghan, Adelaide and Couch Surfing

The Ghan runs from Darwin to Adelaide, I got on at Alice and it took 24 hours.

Jari and Me on the epic night out in Adelaide

The Ghan was a pretty standard train ride really. I was sat next to a nice German who hadn't read that we weren't allowed alcohol on thee train so I helped him dispose of the evidence. Jens and Toby were a few seats back and that was cool but there were literally no seats left free so I spoke to them rarely. They were talking to this Cnadian called Alanna, more on her later.

So we arrived in Adelaide, got our luggage, of which mine yet again was the smallest, and Jens, Toby, Alanna and Me popped into a taxi. Alanna and I got some lunch, $5 pizza, can't go wrong, and I got a call from Jari, the girl I was couch surfing with. She came and picked me up and drove me back to her house in Adelaide Hills, where I slept, washed and got fed. That night I met up with the Germans (Jens and Toby) and Alanna, which was fine but I had to get the train back in. Oh, and by a stroke of genius I remembered my old friend Yvetta was back in Adelaide so she came out too.

The next day Jari took me out to Hahndorf, a little German town in Adelaide that's very pretty, and so it proved. We had a lovely coffee and cake in one of the little cafes and I bought my first souvenir: a miniature music box that played Somewhere Over The Rainbow. We also shopped in Op Shops for stuff to go out in that night, and I got a right bargain. For $10!!!! a lovely dress with some Italian label. I later found a shop of this label in Melbourne, walked in and found the dresses were worth $3-400, so my little dress, which now has burrito stains down the front, was quite the discovery.

So went out and Alanna came too, and we didn't get back till 5 in the morning. There were some fights in the streets because Adelaide turns out to be rather rough actually, and I think some guy got his ear bitten off. Ce la vie.

Then I think I left Adelaide. Yes I definitely did, on the train. Couch surfing was a really good experience and Jari was great to hang out with, though I was rather disturbed she turned out to be 19, looking after me and all. It would have been nice to stay for longer but adventure calls and I was on the train again, bound for the mean streets of Melbourne with some rather interesting accomplices...

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