Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I had a pretty eventful week in Queenstown, it has to be said, and now I'm in Mount Cook I kind of miss it already. The bus ride over was excruciating because of the hangover, but it was worth it ;) It's cold and won't stop raining so I won't even be able to see Mount Cook at all, so hopefully the weather will be better in Tekapo.

Random thought: Piano Man, frisbee golf, skimming stones, Cowboys, playing pool, finding out about Rutger hehee!, when the snow came, closing my NZ bank account for good and having an absolutely fanbloodytastic time.

Above: Anna and I.

Above: Me and the International Man of Mystery

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Milford Sound and Queenstown so far

Though Milford Sound (technically not a Sound but a Fiord because it's been created by ice) is really really close to Queenstown, there is not road through mountain range, so getting there is a long affair. From Queenstown, I got the tour bus and we drove down to Te Anau then back up again on the Milford Road, the most scenic road in New Zealand, and therefore the world. The drive itself was as amazing as the boat trip. It just builds and builds and gets more and more dramatic until it "explodes all over your face" (Kiwi Experience guide Ringo). If you can believe it, there is actually a parrot that lives out there called the Kea and we were lucky enough to see one. Ringo said it had the intelligence of an 8 year old Kiwi child, or a 12 year old Australian child.

The 2 hour boat trip was incredible, taking us all the way out to the Tasman sea past stunning waterfalls and the odd seal. Even though it rained and the sky was quite overcast, it is easy to see why Milford Sound has been voted the most beautiful place in the world. It is amazing. Though it's sounds a bit peculiar, it actually reminded me of the film Avatar the way the mountains come soaring out of the sea and the waterfalls appear to float. My pictures do not do it justice.

On the drive back, we watched The Hangover and I tried not to be sick on all the windy bits.

Yesterday was my first proper day in Queenstown so I took advantage of the sun and went up the Skyline Gondola and had a couple goes on the Luge. In the evening I met up with Harrison and Thomas for a few drinks around the town. Today we're going to have a Fergburger, have a look around the art galleries and then go play frisbee golf in the park. All in all, it sounds like it's going to be a fun day. Plus, it's really sunny again. Yay!

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Haven't done all that much in Wanaka, but I did a big walk around onmy second day and took loads of photos. I also just spent the afternoon in the Cinema Paradiso watching the last Harry Potter movie, which was awesome. Kind of glad to be leaving here even though it's so beautiful.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Fox Glacier, Lake Matheson and a bit more

After doing the tour of Franz Josef I decided to cancel my glacier walk on Fox; it was too much out of the rest of my money to spend on something I'd kind of already done. But I walked up to it anyway, then went on down to Lake Matheson then got a lift back to the hostel off some French guys. Sweet as.

In Fox I also bumped into Myf and Elliott again which was really lovely, getting pissed in front of the fire. Jamie also turned up and we had a lovely night pissing oursleves watching VHS episodes of Absolutely Fabulous (gin and tonic Eddie, gin and tonic!). Now I'm in Wanaka, after a really beautiful drive down and I'm probably going to do free stuff, which means walking. I bought a Pumpkin for less than $2 so I think I will be living off them for the next fortnight. My fundings are in a drastic state of affairs, and now I think I really should have hung onto the money I transferred into my Australian bank account as I won't be needing in there. C'est la vie. There is such a thing as being too organised.

And now, some photos.

Above: View of Mt Tasman and Mt Cook reflected in Lake Matheson.

Above: Bruce Bay, people write on the stones and leave them tacked by the beach.

Above: Wanaka

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Punakaiki, Hokitika and Franz Josef

After leaving Nelson, I went to Punakaiki and saw the Pancake Rocks. The only way to describe the sea would be roaring. Constant roaring. About a mile out the sea was so choppy the surface was covered in foam that washed onto the beach and stuck there like white jelly. I also did the Truman Track which leads to an outlook and then a little beach.I got down there and saw a little seal on its own so I took photos but got too close to it because I scared it and it attacked and I ran away. That night I went to the tavern and ended up getting some drinks off this aussie chap and chatting to him most the night.

Next day I got the bus to Hokitika, a rather boring little town with not much to boast about. Whilst there I experienced a huge lightening storm that shook the whole hostel, lots of hail and rain. I also met a lovely aussie couple, Myf and Elliott. More on them later.

After 2 nights in Hokitika I went to Franz Josef and bumped into Paul (med students friend from Nelson) and met another Bristol lad, this one was nice though, Jamie. The second day I went on a guided tour of Franz Josef Glacier with Myf and Elliott, and though we had rain, fog, hail, lightening, thunder and avalanche, it was an awesome day. After we got dinner and dried off I met Myf and Elliott for a drink, and bless them, on the walk my gloves got wrecked, they had bought me a pair of lovely woolen gloves. So sweet. They left for Fox that night and I just hung around with Jamie watching crappy TV.

Next day I went for a walk around Franz Josef with Ivy from my room, then got the bus to Fox. The bus driver showed me a camera that had been lost by the owner and said 'Do you know Myf and Elliott, cos this is their camera?' so I took it off his hands, and gave it back to them when I saw them in Fox, which is where I sit now, in Ivory Towers.

Due to slight funding issues, I have cancelled my Fox Glacier walk, opting to spend my money on other things, such as Milford Sound. I have 2 nights here in Fox, then I'm onto Wanaka, which I hope is as gorgeous as everyone says.

It's funny how you keep bumping into folks, and I didn't think I'd see Myf and Elliott again, but I'm glad I did. I think Jamie's coming down to Fox tomorrow, so I should see him around.

Above: Anthony, aka sugar daddy.

Above: Pancake Rocks, Punakaiki

Above: Seal of Doom

Above: Erm... so that's a faultline.

Above: Me in front of Franz Josef Glacier

Above: Franz Josef

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Good bye Nelson

Crusaders v Sharks (with Christy, Vanessa and Romy)

View over the sea to Abel Tasman from Boat House Cafe

Me and Nadya.

I'm too hungover to write anything coherent so here's some random memories from my 3 weeks in Nelson.

Arguing over Jenga and red wine with Nathan about his BNP political views.
Hugging the lovely Christy everyday when she got back from the apple picking place.
Pizza with Vanessa and Romy.
Baby Luke and the fact that he never cried.
Anthony coming in carrying sugar and me shouting 'Hello Sugar Daddy!'
My supposed obsession with bacon.
Pascal stole my bacon.
My roommate Andy eating snickers very loudly.
The dogs Ukon and the other one.
2 hangovers.
Going to watch the rugby with Louisa.
Meeting Tess and Cat the medical students.
That Irish couple.
Going to the market with Caroline and bumping into Paul Johnston, my god that lamb kebab, and then the epic search for the hat, which we found for $5.
Pascal's habit of talking in his sleep.
Watching Grey's Anatomy on TVNZ.
German guy called Oliver and his snail biscuits.
Other German guy that made bread with mushrooms and pumpkin inside :/
Buying my bowling alley shirt, and my granny jumper.
The Asian Invasion.
When Anthony put the baby in the corner and I inevitably quoted Dirty Dancing.
Reading The Passage, and Sense and Sensibility.
When I found out Anthony had never heard of Jane Eyre. Still outraged.
My unfruitful quest to buy the book Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

Now then, Punakaiki.