Monday, 30 January 2012

Brisbane and Noosa

Me and Steve at Australia Zoo

Brisbane! Though the weather was rather rubbish I managed to have an ok time. The hostel was an old colonial building about 20 minutes walk from the centre. I had a lovely afternoon walking round the cultural centre, looking round the art galleries and museums staying out of the humidity and the rain. I also got the city cat ferry one day and went to New Farm Park, which turned out to be quite boring so I went back to the city and walked home. Not much else to report about Brissie.

I changed my buses and decided to go to Noosa stopping for a trip around Australia Zoo on the way. On the bus I met an English girl called Grace and we ended up walking round the zoo together, seeing the big Crocodile show with Steve Irwin's wife and children. It rained literally the entire time and the bus was half an hour late, so by the time we got underway to Noosa, we were all soaked to the bone, and everything in my backpack was damp. We got to Noosa and had to wait in the rain for the shuttle bus to the hostel. After I ate and dried off there was nothing else to do but get drunk in the hostel bar with some locals, one of which was a German man that hypothesized that the sun didn't cause skin cancer but it was more likely to be the result of washing powder. Interesting... Well, the next day it rained even more ferociously and so I just stayed in the hostel and nursed my hangover popping out for a pizza sometime in the afternoon. Shame I didn't get to really see Noosa as I only went there because everyone said it was lovely. Rather disappointing.

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