Monday, 30 January 2012

Cairns, Couch surfing, Crocodile and Cape Tribulation

Getting rather close to a rather large crocodile on the Daintree River

Horse riding in Cape Tribulation.

I arrived in Cairns and got the bus to Kewarra Beach which took an hour. Couch surfing with a guy called Nevan. On my first proper day in Cairns me and Makayla, one of the other couch surfers tried to walk to Palm Cove by the beach but our path was blocked by a temporary creek which we didn't really want to walk through because of the jellyfish, so we went back to the beach and had a drink before catching the bus into Cairns, where I bumped into none other than Jenny and Sebastian down by the lagoon. Turned out the were going to Cape Trib the next day like me, so we were thrilled. Solway Lass is never over. Then me and Makayla had bbq in a tropical thunder storm, which was lovely, and had a swim, and then indulged in $3.50 Coronas. I got the bus back and got a good nights sleep before my early pick up the next day.

I walked to Kewarra Beach Resort, a rather flash place where we had our beer the day before, and hopped on the bus. We stopped on the way to Cape Tribulation and met the second bus load of people containing Jenny and Sebatian then we went for our little boat trip on the Daintree River. As you can see by the picture, we got incredibly close to a 4 metre crocodile who was big and fat because he'd just had lunch. We got to Cape Trib around 1pm and I had some lunch, and because it felt like the centre of the sun, I went in the pool and lay about for most of that day. I was also very lucky in my room getting a double bed. Yay!

The next morning I got picked up at 8am and I went for my hourse ride with one other girl. We went around the rainforest and then had a canter on the beach, then went back through some fields where we had a great view of Mount Sorrow, named by a rather sombre Captain Cook. That lasted about 2 hours, then I got dropped back at the hostel, and immediately jumped in the pool, then had lunch and guess who I should bump into? Only Harj meloves, from Whitsundays. Bless her, she's a love, so we swapped numbers and I'll probably meet her before she leaves Cairns. I was getting the bus back to Cairns so our reunion was only brief. I got back to Nevan's around 5.30, had a nap, naturally, then we made dinner with one of the other couch surfers, watched a movie, then hit the hay.

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