Monday, 2 January 2012

One of the best days ever

Nikki, Emma, Troy and Me having lunch.

Swimming at Coogee Beach.

Building the castle and fort surrounds.

January 2nd 2012, yesterday, was awesome. We didn't get up till late and when we did Nikki came round and drove us out somewhere for a lovely lunch, consisting of nachos and dips with turkish bread and coffee at Badde Manners. Then we decided we wanted to go swimming in the sea and that we all needed to go shopping in preparation of this. So we went to this huge factory outlet in Birkenhead and did a good spell of shoppng for 2 and a half hours. Troy was the most ridiculous person to shop with, trying nearly every pair of shorts on in the shop and generally dillydallying petulantly, but it was funny. He ended up buying, amongst many other items, a pair of pink shorts. More on them later. I bought a backless nude coloured swimsuit and a blue bikini which lacks a decided amount of fabric, but not to worry. It was rather funny that there were no changing rooms in the shops so all of us got behind this rail of clothes in the corner and tried them on anyway. I mean, who cares really if you flash them a bit?

So we headed not to Bondi Beach but Coogee Beach, the one along from it, meeting Kirby who had the towels. Me and Nikki went and got fish and chips and brought them back to the beach. I had opted for my swimsuit and Troy was wearing his pink shorts. After eating we went for a swim, but on getting in the water, I immediately discovered my swimsuit went seethrough when wet, and all we could do was laugh and get right in the water so no-one could see. It was quite choppy but we got out of the surf and had a swim. It was getting dark so we got out and joined Kirby in his task: making a castle with fort surrounds. This went on for quite some time, and when it got really dark, us girlies left the boys to it and went back to Nikki's for showers. There was sand everywhere. Everywhere!

Well we had a nice cup of tea, got lost a little bit on the drive back to Emmas because of the didgy iphone GPS, but got back safe and sound. Troy's pink shorts had dyed his underwear and his legs pink. He's trying to bleach them but to no avail so far.

And that was a splendid day.

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