Sunday, 1 January 2012

Manly, Milton and New Year

Yvetta and Me at Manly Beach.

Nikki, Scott and Me on Narrawallee Beach, near Milton

On the way to the Harbour Party on New Years Eve

After coming back to Sydney from Katoomba I met up with Yvetta. We met up at Circular Quay then took the ferry across the Manly. The weather wasn't great so we didn't swim, but we watched some surfers do their stuff before heading off on a 10km walk round the coastline, following the Manly Scenic Walkway. We got a bus back to Manly and the ferry back to Circular Quay and said goodbye. I'll probably see her again, seeing as she's stalking me.

Nikki was going back home to Milton to see her dad so I went with her. Milton is a lovely little town near the coast about 3 hours drive south of Sydney, set in gorgeous green fields not unlike south wales that it's named after. 'What a nice place to grow up' I thought. We spent a few nights there with her dad and brother and did lots of things.. I can't remember what order it was so I'll just list them: meeting the next door neighbours Bob and Ann, going to Narrawallee Beach and my bikini proving to be next to useless in the surf, snooping around all the cool little shops in Milton, meeting Fran, getting my blood pressure taken and finding it to be extremely low indeed, and enjoying the beautiful views. Oh and a brief stop in Kangaroo Valley.

When we got back Scott came too and we had a cup of tea and a kip before Nikki drove me over to Emma's house. I'm now staying here with her boyrfiend Kirby and flatmates Troy and Jo. It was New Years Eve and we all had tickets to go to Luna Park even though they're worth about $300, but Emma, Kirby and Troy work there so we got them for free. It was awesome. Free rides, amazing view of the harbour bridge, lots of fun. The fireworks were so impressive, I just kept saying 'wow' all the time like someone with touretts. EEeeeeeh but it were dead good.

Eventually we got home, walking what felt like half the city and across the harbour bridge at 2 in the morning, witnessing some HORRENDOUSLY drunk people. At one point there was a huge crowd of us trying to get up some steps but the police were blocking us, then the mob mentality took over, and people started scaling the wall and pulling people over in this joyous great escape moment. There was a Kiwi drinking a Monteiths who particularly enjoyed himself shouting 'fuck you punks' to the coppers. But we got back around 3am and went to bed.

Today was my first day in 2012 and I did nothing.

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