Monday, 9 January 2012

Leaving Sydney and Byron Bay

January 6th, I left Sydney from Central station after having a lovely meal in China Town with Jeny, Emma, Kirby and Nikki. Felt like crying on the bus but I didn't, because it's the last adventure, yay!

So after the overnight bus, I arrived in Byron Bay, and met up with Yvetta. We went for a little walk around on the beach and had a drink, then said goodbye, perhaps forever this time. I think we're going to keep missing each other up the east coast but oh well. The next day I walked up to the lighthouse, stood on the most easterly point of Australia, came back down and went to the beach for a swim. It was glorious, not too hot but lovely. I finished my book too, The Kitchen Gods Wife, by Amy Tan, which I strongly recommend me loves :)

On my last day in Byron, I went on the "Happy Coach" to Nimbin. If you know about this place, you know what we did and I refuse to make further comments, except that my mother at a most inopportune time.

The next morning, I got the bus to Surfers Paradise, a large town by the beach with several high rise apartment buildings. Not sure I like it all that much. It has the drinking clubbing thing going on. But my Hot Air Balloon is tomorrow morning, which will be lovely.

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