Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Harbour Bridge and Devonport

Yesterday, I went on this free tour of Auckland set up by Kiwi Experience. Getting out of the city centre makes you see just how big Auckland is and how boring walkin up and down Queen Street is.

First we drove up to the Harbour Bridge, got out of the van, and prepared ourselves for the walk. We had to put harnesses and hard hats on, and the 2 brave people doing the bungi had special gear on. They clipped us onto this rail and we walked underneath the traffic until we got to this pod underneath the centre of the bridge. Then the 2 mad guys did their bungi, and we walked back off. There were only about 20 of us on this bus that takes people around daily and guess what happened. I recognised this girl and it turned out she's actually from Northallerton. I go to the other side of the planet and end up on the same tour bus as someone I used to share the school bus with. Mad!

After the Harbour Bridge, the guide drove us over to Devonport, where went went wandering about and found ourselves at the North Head. There were loads of tunnels and underground bunkers from WW2 when they thought the Russians were all coming. It turned out, that none of the bunkers or several canons were ever used except once when the Queen came on her Coronation tour. But still, fascinating.

After that me and some other girls had a picnic on Devonport beach, hen the guide took us back. I ended up having a drink with 2 of the girls, one German and one from Korea. The Korean's English was pretty bad but we all managed to speak somehow and I had a nice time.

I got back to the hostel and went to bed in the new room which is this 8 bed dorm of girls. It rained all night but we didn't close the windows because it was still too hot. Everyone is so brown I look like a pale pasty compared.

Tonmorrow I'm leaving the centre of Auckland and going on this Beach Bum Bus tour of Waiheke and staying the night on the island. Can't wait for something different.

Been a bit of a hellish day today. My new NZ sim went in my old handset fine, but now my handset's locked and I eventually made it to a BBH hostel to use my phone card, I got through to customers services after loads of number punching and they said it'll take 28 days to get the code to unlock my phone through. So I actually had a panic and cried in the middle of this hostel, hung up and composed myself. I am English after all. No emotion! So I ended up buying this new handset for $49. So mum, I'm ringing you tonight!! Well, your tomorrow morning.

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