Thursday, 10 February 2011

I'm leeeaving on a jet plane

All packed and ready to go. We had a lovely day yesterday in York despite the bomb scare in the Aviva building. It turned out to be a pair of gloves in a plastic bag. Apparently it was a saked employee who was spooking everyone and had even sent a fake letter bomb to the boss. Anyway, no-one got hurt and the British law enforcement displayed just how overly cautious we all are. Bloody terrorists.

Mother and Owen are coming to the platform to see me off at 1. When I get to Kings Cross I'm meeting my good friend Taz for a last coffee before attempting the underground. I don't think I've packed too much, but it looks a lot on me because I'm small.

I want to thank everyone for their messages of luck and to keep safe, and above all to have fun.

Ready now. Goodbye England.

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