Monday, 14 February 2011

Sky Tower and other amazing things

(View from the top of the Sky Tower. In the distance is Mission Bay, where I walked following the coastline)

The Sky Tower was the highlight of yesterday. I sat in the cafe 182 metres above ground, then went up to the Sky Deck 220 metres high, where the walls and some of the floor are made of thick glass. On one side of me there was the Pacific Ocean, the other was the Tasman, the city spread out below me like a beautiful monopoly board.

I have also set up my bank account and applied for my IRD number. My new 2degrees sim is in my old handset but now the handset has locked so I can phone or text anyone, most frustrating. I'm going back to worknholiday tomorrow to see if they can unlock it. I also need to set up my pin as the system went down in the bank before I could finish it.

Today I'm going on this free Kiwi Experience tour of Auckland. I've got another day before going on a Beach Bum Bus tour of Waiheke Island, with wine tasting and 6 beaches and all sorts of other fun and staying the night there. I come back on Friday but I might book another hostel. No that this one is bad, but the showers are awful and a lot of stuff in the kitchen doesn't work, and some of the pulgs weren't charging my laptop... I've got tonight booked but in an 8 bed female dorm. Would be nice ot have some company now.

I'm gonna try and book a Kiwi Experience to the north but worknholiday could get me a discount so I'll do that this afternoon. I also need to redo my CV a bit and print some out, but I'll do that at the library because the internet is free there and I need to use my laptop for it.

So I'm really happy, but I need to sort my phone out. After that I'll be grand. So looking forward to Waiheke!!!

I'll call you soon mum. xx

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