Monday, 21 February 2011

Lake Taupo

I have come further across the plateau to Lake Taupo, and it's very beautiful. I took a stroll around the Lake and came to this Irish Pub. Well, what else could I do, it would be rude not to have a pint. It was around this time that the news was breaking about Christchurch. My cousin called me to make sure I was alright, but I was fine of course, no-one felt anything on the north island. But I'm pretty sure people will be avoiding Christchurch for awhile. It's pretty chaotic and I heard around 60 people had died.

So after another wander I came back to the hostel and cooked tea. I met 2 Germans (the country has more Germans than Kiwis) and we decided to go on the Tongoriro Alpine Pass tomorrow so I'm really excited. It was one of my main reasons for coming to Taupo so I'm really looking forward to it. It's roughly 7 hours and apparently it's beautiful, and it's $5 to booki, $50 for the bus and $10 if you need boots. I need boots. Earlier today, I did another fail.

It was cool this morning so I wore jeans. First mistake. I decided to walk to Huka Falls, which is roughly 5km there and back. Without water. Second mistake. I eventually turned back without seeing the falls because I didn't want to die and my jeans were HORRIFIC!!! So now I know, and tomorrow, I shall be prepared. My new German friends and I shall have fun.

At this point I must mention a very special young man. Markie Mark Mark! Rotorua friend. He was the highlight of my trip so far and I promise you Mark, we shall watch Garth Marenghi's Darkplace in one evening when we are both back in England. Miss you already Barney!!

Enough sentimentality. After this, I shall go to Wellington!

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