Saturday, 12 February 2011

(Me meeting Taz and Benj for one last drink)

3 time zones later and I'm here, sat on a sofa in the centre of Auckland. It was so straight forward I couldn't believe it. The 11 hour flight to Bangkok was awful though. I didn't sleep and I hurt my knee when the bloke in front of me pushed his seat back. Economy = Hell. Bangkok airport was really nice and I needed to stretch my legs. 8 hours to Sydney was fine. Those first 2 flights were on these huge double decker jets, but my last flight from Sydney to Auckland was only a winglet with about 200 people.

Auckland airport was tiny and sweet and it only took 20 mins to get through customs security and baggage claim. Then it was the shuttle bus. The driver was a mad man but he got me to the hostel safe and fine. Then I booked in to the HA International and had a shower because I smelt like a lazy teenager. I know because I was one.

I can't for the life of me remember their names, but I ended up going out with this French girl and her friend down to the pier via Queen's Street. We got to this Irish Pub called Father Ted's (neither of them knew why I laughed at that) and as I was getting a pint, I realised my purse wasn't in my handbag. I thought good god, what have a done!! I only bloody left it in the hostel computer room. So I legged it back up Queen's St. and got let in and found my purse. I couldn't believe my luck. No-one had taken any of the money out. I scared myself right there. I have to be careful. Imagine if I had lost it. That's my ID, bank cards, money...

So I went back and joined them in Father Ted's, then we went on down to see the Pacific Ocean and had a drink and some food on the pier. I suddenly felt jet lagged, or it might have been the beer, but I left and walked back to the hstel where they told me they had moved me into a different room. Something to do with a girl finding a packet of drugs in the pillow. I ended up with this nice woman in a private room and we had a nice chat then I collapsed into the top bunk. May god, it was a hot night. Thank god also for ear plugs. We had to keep the window open because of the heat but we were right next to an enormous airvent.

So I'm up, had brekkie, and I think I'm gonna do this Tamaki drive thing. Gonna get some food from the shop and make my way.

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