Thursday, 17 February 2011

Waiheke (gorgeous but god what a FAIL!)

Travelling on your own can be quite lonesome as I have gathered. Though the plus sides of going where you like when you like, not having to take other peoples plans into consideration, the freedom of total independence, is all great, I've found myself becoming secluded in my own little world. So I thought it would be a good idea to do a bus tour, and not to spend too much money and to go somewhere really nice. Lilly, my travel agent, suggested the Beach Bum Bus tour of Waiheke and I booked it in, thinking I'd make some great friends, see a wonderful bit of New Zealand and generally have fun.

So I got off the ferry at Waiheke on this gorgeous hot day, and this guy, who's name is Bodie, introduces himself as the Berach Bum Bus guide. I was so excited thinking this was gonna be epic. And it was.... epically shoddy! No-one else was on the frigging bus!! It turned out loads of people had cancelled the night before and it was too late to phone me so he was just showing me around. Bodie was great and really informed about the whole island, and his dog was pretty cute too. So off I went, on my lonesome.

He took me to this really prestigious sculpture display that was around the island on this Sculpture Walk. It was a gorgeous walk, but Bodie went off because he had to keep bringing the truck around and meet me somewhere, so I did spend the majority of the day walking on my own and waiting for him to come meet me. After awhile, he called some of his mates and 2 girls turned up at lunch. We had a bbq by the sea. Bodie, me and the dog went for a swim and I have to admit, it felt amazing. Then we spent the whole afternoon going around the island and doing wine tasting at 3 vinyards. They all spoke a lot of bollocks about the taste and colours of wine and I had nothing to add to the convo, so I just sat and supped, becoming gradually more and more sunburnt despite the layer upon layer of sunblock.

My back is now bright red and bloody hurts! Anyway, at 6 he dropped me off at the hostel which was really very nice and I met some really nice girls who were doing practically the same thing as me. Then I got the ferry back this morning and checked in and I'm now planning a trip to Wellington.

The plan is to get a 20hour Intercity Bus Pass which will take me via Waitomo (gloworm caves), Rotorua (gorgeous lake and geysers and geothermal activity), then Lake Taupo (Huka Falls and hot water beaches), then to Wellington the capital and maybe a few days staying with my cousin. So look out for all that next week!

Anyway, what a friggin fail at Waiheke eh? It was gorgeous though, and Bodie said something about his dad working on the Hobbit film and that he could ask the casting guys for any stuff there, but whatever.

That's enough for now. I'm going to straighten up my CV. E noho ra!

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