Sunday, 27 February 2011

Windy old Wellington

Haven't blogged in awhile because I've stopped. In Wellington. I'm staying with my lovely cousin Sarah and her family in Eastbourne, across the water from the city centre. It's really nice here. So relaxed, right next to the beach. The other day we all went down for a swim, and I did the tradtional Wharf Jump... twice!! It's not that big a drop but it was quite scary, though I was put to shame by these little kids doing back flips. Crazy ass kiwis!!

So today is Monday and I got a lift with Martin into town and handed my CVs all over the place. Mostly in clothes shops and cafes. I must have walked a good 10k and now my feet hurt because I was only in jandal type things. I also bought a couple dresses from the recycled clothes shop, very cheap and very vintage niceness. I was getting sick of looking dreadful all the time.

Bloody Solberge still haven't paid me. I might be giving them a ring tonight. I'm waiting for a phone call from Cobar, a local posh restaurant in Eastbourne. They're low on staff so I handed my CV in. Thanks to Sarah's contacts!! Hopefully I can get a few hours in there before something more permanent comes along. But I've only been in Welly a few days and I've given myself a fortnight to look for jobs so I'm not too worried. It is frustrating though, job hunting. Time consuming... blah blah. Boring stuff. Blah.

I also visited Te Papa, the national museum and it was pretty awesome. It's a great place to take your family, and the art gallery isn't bad either. Te Papa is Maori for 'treasure chest', which I thought was lovely.

Anyway, so my plan of action now is to get a job, then find a place to stay, perhaps renting somewhere or save my money and work for free accommodation in a hostel, save $4000 over 5 months or so then do a massive tour of the south island before going to Australia. If I can fit in a play (I've got an audition coming up for this festival) that would be sweet as.

So that's my life at the mo. Limbo again.

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